Thursday, June 13, 2013

2 Wandering beyond and back

It happens when the hour comes

Words do not make any longer sound

Where did it come from?

It happens when the hour comes. Tiredness overtakes you. The tiniest action becomes difficult. Even moving your small finger requires a tremendous effort. You feel the sensation of fatigue in your legs, spreading up your body. You watch it as if from the side, as if it is none of your concern. You embrace and welcome it all, riding the mad waves of the great flow of being.

Drifting with life
down the valley and up the hill
reaching beyond,
a place to dwell

You are pulled out and far by a gentle force. Your organs work, they are in perfect shape, the energy is flowing, yet the tiny wire of control is cut. You become a passenger, a guest in your body. You stop being your body. You drift far away, and do not try to understand what is going on. You allow the experience to unfold naturally, no intervention, no action. You simply witness it happening. Your vision is clear, your thoughts are sharp. You are most alert to the inner and to the outer, and you embrace it all. You drift to new spaces, to unknown paths, to uncharted territory. You are being reborn, like a butterfly from larva. Time stops to run, words do not make any longer sound. The world goes on as always, yet with no boundaries any more.

The words crank,
like ashes they evaporate
they leave void,
for bliss to accumulate

Your body is numb and tired, your eyes close on their own, yet you are full of energy, full of life. Thoughts, feelings, and vividness all around. But the body needs to relax. You rejoice the vibrancy of your energy, you rejoice the laziness of the body.

Then the energy is in the body once more. What has happened? How come your fingers move easily now? Where did the tiredness disappear? Where did it come from in the first place?

The glory disappears when the sun sets
it makes space for the moon to rise
high up in the sky its beauty spreads
then in its turn the softness hide
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  1. I wish I could be the person sitting in that beautiful sylvan surroundings!

    1. I join my wishes to yours Rajabahadur.

      Perhaps the "Sage that makes wishes come true" might be able to be of help:

      Thank you.