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0 Mind undone


Hysterical Literature by Clayton Cubitt explores the mind/body dualism


Does one need meditation classes to set loose?

In many of my works the horizon is melted, uncertain, undone... Beyond the smokes and the fogs of the bottom, as hedge to the sight, we can see only with the eyes of our imagination. Over the indefinite horizons there is the endlessness, the land of the mystery and the silence, where the dreams live. There something that overcomes the idea and the form survives, something that ourselves unconsciously keep into the unknown land of our mind: the Poetry. (Anchise Picchi)


The meeting of ego and Fanaa

Projection of ideas
from dead books in their* eyes
their voice is manipulated
to cover for the lies

Since their infancy
they were taught codes to behave
rules and patterns
to make them slave

Clothes, words, and make-up
they choose with care
to deviate from the norms
the mind won't dare

Movements, looks, and sounds
all under control
to fool everyone
incl. the self is the goal

Hair, chins, and fingers
are gently laid
the body firmly mounted
on top of the chair like a blade

The reading suddenly becomes shallow
the focus is deviated
the burden of this experiment
gets a bit alleviated

Words still fill top of the table
densely with the void
yet underneath and in-between
a small candle is deployed

Sputter starts glowing
gets emitted from below
the lower chakras become alive
as the reading slow

Expression of the mind freaking
shows on their face
how the darkness can
a single ray of light embrace?

The fingers move on their own
the breath gets heavy
the path to the hara
is cleared from all levy

The organs pump life
the muscles contract
the pages of the book
get suddenly cracked

The faked voice suffocates
and masks fall apart
reading commence
from the book of the heart

Uttering rhymes from the dawn of being
that were never taught
no need for titles and degrees to grasp them
no need for thought

Against the sweeping flow of clarity
the mind tries a last stand
even for few moments
it cannot suffer being banned

The energy goes up
the wheel of vision starts turning
unity clearly seen
no need more for yearning

When the ultimate is observed
of no power is the spell
for the sake of owning a swamp
no more can one being the wholeness sell

Touching the beyond
the inner flame spark
separation vanishes
beyond this mark

The thousand petalled lotus
blooms on top of the head
nourishing and suckling
on existence's abundant breast

Higher than Gaurishankar
the soul is spanned
lower than Muladhara
it way expands

Existence is reborn
in the depth of the soul
it swiftly reclaims
what the mind has stole

Thrown in and out
the self disappears
in seconds they achieve
what mystics try for years

No meditation classes, no Reiki courses,
no magnetic healing, no technique
what one already is
where can it leak?

Reflections of glory
in the eyes shine
tribute is paid
to existence's shrine

* Six women took part in the project
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