Tuesday, May 14, 2013

0 Embracing a moment in life

Five scenes from life happening at the same moment


Can we conceive them simultaneously?



Scene 1

Sharing this video in a post, she commented:

"This is scary. I am speechless. What a scary world we live in. My city was bombarded last night.
When I called my dad in the morning, he said they had no electricity. They did not even know who did the bombing or why."

After few days, it became known that this was the Israeli bombing near Qudsaya in Syria.

The woman who posted the video, originally from Syria, was lucky. She was working abroad. Other women like her ended up as refugees, living in horrible conditions, and many of them were sold to  rich men to support the family with the little money paid. 

These rich men came from the same countries that are financially supporting the war, with their declared goal of freeing the Syrian people

These women were apparently freed into sexual slavery.

Scene 2

On the same video, a spiritual woman praying for global peace commented:

"The Israeli government cannot let a shipment of Iranian missiles reach to Hezbollah. Otherwise, more than half of Israel would be in their range. This is why Israel bombed the shipment."

Perhaps following the same logic, the Israeli air-force was flying on top of Lebanon for the next few days, performing imaginary attacks.

Scene 3

Another spiritual friend shared a link. Her sharing was a prayer of love and kindness to all (Facebook link):

"The whole of planet Earth is a sacred site.
All people are the chosen people, and the purpose of our lives is a spiritual one.

May we care for each other, and for the earth, for everything relates to everything else.

Feeling this oneness, may we radiate the light of love and kindness that all may live in unity and peace" 

~ Radha Sahar

Scene 4 

In a discussion on free self-expression, a woman shared the following insight: 

"Any expression of any person should be allowed. The expression of the person reflects the state of the inner. When someone allows a negative fear-based free-expression, it is up to the listener to decide either to react from the same level of fear or to choose not to fall to the trap. If the listener goes for the ego and decides to argue to show that he is right, he would fall in the trap left by the one who expressed himself. This would cause the listener to dive into separation and to feel and become hurt. It is all the choice of the listener."

Scene 5

A woman shared a link to a video exploring the mind/body dualism during sexual orgasm. The videos inspired me to right a poem titled "Mind undone". In addition to the poem, I found myself describing the impression that I got from the video as follows:

"Thousands of years of 'culture'. Thousands of years of ideas and philosophies, of shells and layers. All get smashed in few moments. That is what it takes to become free.

Looking at the faces of the women, feeling them, glowing and shining, full of glory, full of life, full of being. How they look before, dull and pale, hiding underneath thousands of pillows and duvets of norms and behavioural codes. How their being changes from burdened with artificial covers and patterns, to that of flowering, flooding with life force. Alive.

How the mind tries hard to prevent the inevitable, and the more it tries, the closer the inevitable gets.

No philosophy, no words can embrace such totality."


Five events happening at the same moment in life, and embraced simultaneously by a single individual. 

Can an individual comprehend and relate to all these at the same time? War and bombing, spirituality and kindness, free self-expression, and mind/body exploration through orgasm? Is not it too much? 

Perhaps being able to embrace the outer is a reflection of the ability to embrace the inner. Though the ability to experience so many different outer events simultaneously is new and depends on technology, the posibility to experience their inner equivalent was always there.
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