Saturday, February 16, 2013

0 Mind in a meditation retreat


What meditation retreat?


How to meditate?


Who is he?


He has mastered tens of languages

Those extinct from old age
those distinct from a www page
even future succinct, not known to the sage

He learnt millions
even billions of words
he is a top genius
among the nerds

Many many titles
he adores
so many
he cannot exit the doors

He surpassed all
the old ones known
yet at home
he is alone

When he enters the room
where he dwell
not a single language
can stand without rebel

Trillion grammar rules vanish
leaving not a single stone
as born he remains
with nothing he own

The wounded inner
in horror awakes unchecked
it looks for a way
all the waste to eject

A brief thought
and to the e-social he connects
and in no time
someone he affects

Unaware of himself
the inner and the outer get erect
somebody else to infect

Mistakes, typos, and punctuations
he starts to correct
some positive feedback
the ego waits to collect

His boredom
on others he subjects
in this wholeness
there is nothing he respects

When someone
him reflects
his mind cannot take it
it immediately objects

Till dawn, all what comes his way
he continues to dissect
while the wholeness
hoping he would it detect

he falls in defect
his true self all night
he has neglect

He decided to go to a meditation retreat

Myriad words for eternity
in his mind
but with all this knowledge
to himself he is not kind

In the meditation retreat
his friends address him with pleasance
their attempts go through him
they feel no presence

Instead of being with them
in the meditation class there
in his mind thesis and antithesis
continue to swear

To connect to the same
his self yearns
but the thoughts dwell
on what he earns

The friends encourage him
to change his ways
if he stays like this, it would not take much
till the end of his days

They invite him to hang out with them
to enjoy the sun and its rays
but he cannot help it, the ideas consume him
how his salary to raise?

Happy and joyful
they listen to the bird
he though wonders
what have they heard?

Vivid beautiful peacocks
walk by him in a herd
where are they?
he cannot see, his vision is blurred

He tried to explore intimacy - in the mind

Condemning love and tenderness
with his lower he is not loose
with no roots in the mud
how can he drink the juice?

Mahāmudrā he takes for a concept
of an idea
he thinks one can buy it
in a pizzeria

Rejecting and ridiculousing
the whispers of the heart
he goes on thinking
that he is smart

Unease and discomfort
he feels even near Maria
meeting him, instead of the Royal Song
Saraha might have run to Tanzania

The thousand-petaled lotus blooming and flowering
in the tropical warmth of the feminine he cannot take
no wonder,
in his boredom he is baked

Mind in a meditation retreat?

When one cannot see 
and inside the mind is like a bee 
all the stink one regularly needs to pee

Nouns and verbs
mind can bind
but itself
it cannot find
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